Not many people know that Nowata has an official City Flag. In 1976, for the USA Bicentennial Celebration, the city held a contest for a city flag to be designed. The entry of  W.W. “Spike” Radcliff was chosen and the design is a combination of Indian symbols and colors, described as follows with their meanings (click on the flag for a larger view):

Printing:             Indian Ribbon

Rainbow:            Prosperity

Nowata:             Delaware for “Welcome”

Green:               Growth

Oklahoma:         Choctaw for “Home of the Red Man”

Sun:                  Happiness

Red:                  Valor

Running Water:   Constant Life

White:                Purity

Feathers:            Our Brothers

Blue:                  Loyal

Black:                 Foe

Nowata Flag

If you are interested in seeing a Nowata City flag, there is one on display at the Museum; also there is one in the City Hall conference room.  Radcliff was the owner/operator of Personality Barber Shop and later Spike’s Shop in Nowata.  Over the years Spike has cut the hair of thousands of Nowata men and boys. He was the originator of Spike Railroad Park, a contributor of many drawings and murals to the community and school.  He was a talented artist and there are many of his paintings in Nowata homes.  “Spike” Radcliff passed away August 1, 1998, at the age of 81.  His wife, Laverne Radcliff, was one of the faithful Docents at the museum.

These flags are available for purchase at the Museum Gift Shop for $125.00.