Nowata County Historical Society Museum

Established in 1969 through the efforts of the Nowata County Extension Club Cultural Arts Program, the Nowata County Historical Society Museum is located in the original Clinic Hospital.  As you browse through the large number of rooms dedicated to specific topics related to the county, you will see life reflected in different aspects from Indian Territory Days, early pioneer days on to the present. Since its beginnings, the museum has grown into one of the largest in the region. Signs of the original hospital are still visible in various places throughout the building. In addition to exhibits inside, there is a display of early oil field equipment and one of the original jail cells on the grounds south of the museum. The large bell standing in the frame by the entrance is the original fire bell that used to hang in the second story tower of the fire station next door.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Historical Society is governed by a Board of Directors. There are no paid employees. Open from 10 am-4 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Open until 6 pm on the first Thursday of the month. Admission is free but donations are appreciated and help to cover the cost of operations.

The Society depends on membership dues to help with day to day operations and to cover production costs of our quarterly newsletter. Become a member or renew now: Membership Form

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Carroll said:

    Good job Frank, well presented and I look forward to more postings about Nowata County.


  2. Jamie Lighty said:

    Do you have any exhibits on Pretty Boy Floyd in your museum? My dad Bill Smalley Grew up on a farm in Nowata. He said when he was around 10yrs old Pretty Boy Floyd was on the run from the US Marshalls and came across My Grandpas farm and asked him for some food because he hadn’t eaten in days and was starving. My grandma told him” You can come in and eat with me and my family but then you have to leave. So My dad got to eat dinner with him and talk with him. He said he was really handsome and well dressed and he had really good manners. I read his autobiography of him and have been fascinated with him eversince.


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