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4 thoughts on “Membership and Donation Information”

  1. Jim Benage said:

    My father grew up in Delaware 1920-1940 era. I was going through some of his stuff and found several items like old newspapers, high school year books, etc. If you are interested in these I plan to be in the area the week of April 21, 2019. I can bring them with me on that trip. My grandparents names were Fred L. and Lena Jane Benage. Dad’s name was William Fred (Usually called Bill or Billy as a kid). He had two sister Opal and Phillis. All have passed on.


  2. Sandra Wolf said:

    First, when will you reopen? Any idea?
    My father was born in 1911 in Lenapah and graduated from Delaware HS in 1931? Was that common in those tough times for farm kids to have to work and miss some grades, thus graduating from high school later? He was definitely smart enough to become a plant manager here in Kansas…. so, that’s my only explaination.


    • nowatamuseum said:

      Museum possibly will open after the first of the year. Depends on a number of things.
      Your father may had a illness, an accident or even had to help out with farm.
      My Husband had an accident and broke his leg. The doctor was drunk and set his leg wrong. After several months like 6-9
      They had to re break his leg and it had to heal.
      He should have graduated in 1957 like I did but missed so much school he graduated in 1959.
      I know of no war or conflicts that your dad may have had to enlist for.


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